Always nervous-looking, and in a rush. doesnt really like having humans or elves around


Cardessa is always tinkering with something in her Item shop. she even makes some of her own contraptions to sell. her shop is pretty much a pawn shop but has a decent showcase of brand new things at the entrance. She finds it hard to stay in one place too long.. even while speaking to you. Its a rare instance when she’ll actually look someone in the eye while speaking or being spoken to. SOME people actually have tried to use that to their advantage to steal from the shop, but for some strange reason, anyone who does steal from her shop doesnt last long. Noone can pin anything on her because she almost NEVER leaves her shop. it’s said she sleeps somewhere in the building her shop is in. Haggling is always an option, but good luck if youre human or even CLOSE to having elven appearance. people have said her prices are actually decent compared to the cost of things around town.



Kor-tarvel undeadbunny