In the beginning it was dark and then the light came and the earth was formed. The deity looking down said to himself that this was good. In the land of Arridai is the city of Tarantia. Called the “most princely city of the world’s north” by chroniclers far and wide, Tarantia is a sprawling city of wonders and the capitol of Arridai. Its skyline is dotted with towers of blue and gold, and many of its buildings are clean and dazzling to behold. Created in layers, like rumpled cloth against the cliffs of the Khor River, Tatantia has several distinctive areas separated by walls and tiersbith physical and societal.

The city holds temporal palaces for the many factions that function form here. The Palaces that are here are for Barbarians, bards, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, MOnk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Soulknife. Sorcerer,and Wizards. The majestic variety of training goes from the novice to almost being super hero in any class you might be interested in.

This is the city I was born in. This is where my family has lived for several generations. Are grandfather who was of humble origin was the town blacksmith and at 85 still produces some of the most priceless armor ever found in the world. Are grandmother who became one of the mightiest wizards of the time would even enchant some of grandfathers armor in our years she is 88 but she is mentioned in some of the folklore dating back over 200 years. Makes me wonder. Now are father James started down the same path as grandfather but decided he wanted to become a paladin he worked and strive hard for over 40 years and has risen in rank to be a Grand Master in that area. Are mother Lisa used to have the profession of cleric and over the 50 years she has been with father has taught him many things that would help him along his career.

During our youth our parents had us join the guild “The Brotherhood” lead by the renewed abseil Belthazar. The guild is a multi class arena teaching the gifted of the land in the fine arts.

I Trianders Choose the path of righteousness and the good studying under brother Draco in the Fine art of paladin hood.

My Brother Belron being younger and more brazen took a neutral stance and decided to train as a soul Knife as he has great mind control.

Now that we have reached a critical point in are training we have been Told to go see Feng-Chu for he will give us 3 challenges to make us official members in are guild.

As I stand on the bow of this boat standing in my chain mail, with the sun shining off it, I pray to Heironeous to help guide me in my endeavors so I may bring honor to him. I pray I do not fail.

I could see that his nibble mind was working as he stood at the aft. His quickness and agility made him seem as if he was standing on land because the pitching of the boat did not even make him seem awkward. He seemed to be as apprehensive as i am about this journey.

While the stand at there spots on the boat the recall a early time.

Trianders 6ft1 240 pounds broudes shoulder Paliden Choose to wear chain mail armor rather then except the silver plate armor offered by his father deep down trianders new that his grandmother would have enchanted the find plate armor. Father Trianders said I have to find my worth in this world i am being build to questing to see if i can warent the title of paleden to take what you offer would be cheating i would all way wounder was it me or the armor that did it i must earn the title myself to make sure i am worth my salt in to please are god.

Belron my brother has voiced the same calling he is All dressed in black 6 feet tall Blue eyes bald clean shaved what a site we will make i in my chain mail and him all dressed in black his sinister tendency’s are not to far fetched but i know he strives forth for a different purpose then me perhaps we can keep each other out of trouble.


Kor-tarvel Belron