Visiting roc's peak

the party just came off the boat, theshk and paladin (have to find your chars name) got healed by seawolf’s curse. that was before Kelgrim and his family took it over and cleaned it up. Kelgrim invited friends and relatives into the city, and now its a bustling city. some people who couldnt afford their houses or apartment rents anymore ended up residing in alleyways throughout the city. They can stay there, but are NOT to sit on the mainways begging. Syl’s house is run by Sylstranistan Underhook. This halfling is as merry as could be and ends up giving any extra food at the end of the night to the poor folk. now and then, in the cold months if there arent many customers he’ll even let some of them sleep in the basement near the 3 furnaces. Syl and Myrryl (kelgrims’ cousin who co-owns Wretched Wyvern) are quite friendly with each other which pisses Kelgrim off more than anything because Kelgrim HATES having the impoverished anywhere near his tavern. Kelgrim is tolerant though as long as he doesnt see any hanging around.

Thresk was told of an alley between The Wretched Wyvern (tavern) and Syl's House( inn and eatery).
 The Wretched Wyvern USED to be a rough and tough dive that had ruffians and such as the customers were well seasoned pirates and the like.



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